Yuushien on Daikon Island illuminated by electric fairies

Yatsuka(Daikon Island) –  Fall coming brought an illusion to a Japanese garden in Matsue. The garden belongs to a part of Yuushien (由志園)on which the place is located Daikon Island(大根島) in the centre of Nakaumi. The illumination resounded in the Japanese garden, turning into a pageant of illuminant fairies. The fairies’ way the guests walked through was a special attraction on the island, attracting many adventurous people during mid-November.



Yuushien is also the company’s name and has contributed to the island’s development. In 1975 the company opened its garden to revitalize the island’s economy, which had been sluggish then. Although the island had benefited from selling peonies and Asiatic ginseng until the beginning of the Showa era(about 100 years ago), such a situation became an old story when the company was determined to provide the garden to the island. The contribution by the Yuushien has enabled the islanders to retake their energy which could be seen until the Showa era.




Each year provides the visitors with seasonal garden scenery, which never has the same nuance. The visitors can enjoy experiencing Japan’s traditional beauty consisting of the country’s spirits like Zen. The moment helps them understand what Japan is.



The visitors can enjoy eating traditional local cuisines while seeing the beautiful scenery.




How to get to Yuushien

By rental car

25minits drive takes from JR Matsue station to Yuushien

15 minutes drive takes from Yoango AP to Yuushien



By bus (requested to understand Japanese)

Matsue city bus( for Omisaki and Yatsuka)  takes you to Yuushien from JR Matsue Station

Community bus service takes you to Yuushien to JR Sakaiminato Station



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