Ichibata Temple, majestic sutras and healing Buddha

Hirata – Ichibata Temple is worth visiting for travellers to Matsue.



1,100 years of tradition have made Ichibata Temple near Matsue solemn; the travellers can enjoy being immense in such a holy atmosphere. Located in an inconvenient area in the Japanese rural side as many visitors eager to cure their eye-sights are attracted. The temple has been believed that the temple’s mystic power cures those who suffer from eye daisies.




The temple was founded in 894 by a local fisherman who lived with his blinded mother. One day he found an image of the healing Buddha, which had seemed to be flown from Korea at a neighbouring beach. He had worshipped the Buddha for her mother at home, then raised it to the top of the hill where the temple exists. Eventually, he became a priest and erected the sanctuary. After that, the temple became known to the monks of mountaineering asceticism as a part of their training fields.




By chanting the esoteric Buddhist mantra “oṃ huru huru caṇḍāli mātaṅgi svāhā,” the visitors may benefit from the power of the healing Buddha to get rid of eye daisies and longevity, which is the oriental Mystery.




Since the temple has two excellent cottages for visitors, they can enjoy spending a rich time and getting a bird’s-eye view of Lake Shinji. This experience may enable them to lead to the spiritual state of nothingness called nirvana.






How to get to the temple 

By public transport

Ichibata Temple can be reached via the Ichibata Electric Railway from the terminals in Izumo or Matsue to Ichibata guchi station. Then you can use a community bus from the station to the temple. It takes at least more than 1 hour from both of the terminals in Izumo or Matsue.


Remark: Japanese speaking is needed in case of public transport.



By rental car (recommend)

You can rent a car at Izumo AP or JR Matsue Station.


30 minutes drive takes you to the temple from Izumo AP.

You can ask clerks at the tourist information at the airport how to get to the temple.


40 minutes drive takes you to the temple from Matsue Station.

You can ask clerks at the tourist information at the station how to get to the temple.




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