Tourists from overseas to Shimane may be allowed from June

London / Tokyo / Shimane – Tourists from foreign countries to Shimane may increase from June. The Japanese government has decided to permit the tourists to entry into the country. The Japanese travel industry including Shimane welcomes this deregulation.



Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced its policy during his trip to the UK on May 5th, asking the British to visit Japan too. Received the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Japanese government has started considering a plan that group travelers can enter the country prior to individual tourists.



Although Japan had recorded about a 32million inbound tourists in 2019, the number tanked only a 240 thousand in 2022 on account of the Covid-19, according to a report by Japan Tourism Agency. The Covid -19 has diminished a large number of travel companies and their employers. Shimane, which has counted considerably on its income from the tourists’ money, has been severely damaged by this incident.



The decision by the government seems to allow Shimane’s travel industry to attract the inbound tourists. Those who be engaged in the sector of Shimane may be able to sigh of relief.



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