“Idiots can understand stupidity of Mask disscusion” , say Shimane Governor

Matsue – Tatsuya Maruyama, Shimane Governor, criticized a discussion by the central government on whether we should keep wearing masks or not at a prefectural press conference on May 13th. The governor mentioned the increasing number of corona positives in the Izumo area due to high school students’ club activities during Golden Week Holiday.



At the press meeting, the governor expressed his concern about the discussion regarding masks-off. “ To put off the masks is stupid. The coronavirus is different from influenza and cold from the viewpoint of the current situation in Okinawa. Even idiots can understand it”, he criticized the government’s discussion. The governor’s remark may cause a repercussion.



Shimane has reduced the number of corona positives in areas except for Izumo as of now with the help of the prefectural resident’s effort not to be infected with the virus.

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