Matsue neighbourhood celebrates Children’s Day

Matsue – Suetsugu-cho, a distinguished district within the vibrant tapestry of Matsue, recently reverberated with the rhythmic beats of traditional Japanese drums as it commemorated Children’s Day on May 5th. The resounding echoes of drums, bells, and bamboo flutes permeated the neighbourhood, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among its residents. This spirited celebration served as a precursor to the highly anticipated Dogyouretsu, commonly known as the Drums Parade, slated to transpire in the midst of October.


Suetsugu-cho, once a thriving fishing hamlet that has since evolved to house the esteemed Matsue City Hall, stands proudly as one of the illustrious neighbourhoods that have shaped Matsue’s illustrious legacy since the Edo period. Endowed with a rich tapestry of tradition and history, Suetsugu-cho bears the distinctive symbol colour of deep emerald green.



The forthcoming Dogyouretsu stands as a paramount Shinto ritual deeply ingrained in the local fabric, infusing the introspective denizens of Matsue with renewed vigour and vitality. This momentous procession captivates the imagination of onlookers from all corners of Japan, beckoning them to witness the enigmatic allure of Matsue’s cultural heritage.


In ancient times, the resounding beats of drums were regarded as offerings for bountiful harvests and a harmonious existence by the city’s ancestral inhabitants. Dogyouretsu serves as a tangible manifestation of these core values that continue to define Matsue’s ethos, resonating with a profound sense of reverence and harmony.

(Takashi Saito)

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