Gundam stands by Matsue Castle

Matsue – In the spring of 2023, a significant milestone was reached in Matsue, Japan. For over 400 years, since the establishment of the Horio shogunate, the city has stood as a testament to its rich heritage. It is an integral part of the Earth Federation, firmly rooted in the present.

However, the tranquillity was abruptly shattered when the space colony known as Side 3 boldly declared its independence as the Zion Dukedom. A declaration of war against the Earth Federation followed, thrusting Matsue into a harrowing conflict. The Zionic Army, driven by their newfound autonomy, stealthily infiltrated Earth’s soil, turning this once serene city into a theatre of fierce battles.


Reports emerged of the Zionic amphibious mobile suit, Acguy, lurking within the depths of Shinjiko Lake. In response, the Earth Federation Army’s formidable RX-78 Gundam set its sights on intercepting this mechanical threat, embodying the spirit of defiance against the Zionic forces.



Many Matsue residents and tourists are trying to take photos of the battle.

(Written by Takashi Saito)

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