Mochi Hana Flowers embellish Aodatami Streets of Mihonoseki with vibrant colours


Mihonoseki – Mihonoseki hosts a traditional local custom event called the Mochi Hana festival. Mochi Hana is an artificial flower made of Lindera umbellata branches by rice cake. Mochi means rice cake, and Hana means flowers, so literally, Mochi Hana means rice cake flower. These artificial flowers used to be displayed on each Shinto home altar or alcove during the lunar new year. However, only a few homes have maintained such a ritual today. The town tries revitalising the custom by decorating Aodatami Street, the main street in front of Miho Shrine, with Mochi Hana flowers.



Mochi Hana festival takes place from Jan 20th to Jan 29th




How to get to Mihonoseki

608 Mihonoseki, Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane-Prefecture



By rental car(Recommend)

It takes 40 minutes from the JR Matsue Station to Mihonoseki through Rute 431 and prefectural road 2.


By Bus

then board the Ichibata Bus bound for Mihonoseki Bus Terminal (45 minutes). Transfer to the Mihonoseki Community Bus Mihonoseki Line and get off at “Mihonoseki”bus stop (30 minutes).

Remark: You are required to understand Japanese if you choose this way.

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