Matsue’s shijimi clams unveiled from Lake Shinji and Ohashi River

MATSUE – Shijimi shellfish, a staple of Matsue cuisine, thrive in the brackish waters of Lake Shinji and the Ohashi River. Every morning, fishermen pole their boats across the river, harvesting the clams that account for more than 40% of Japan’s shijimi clams supply.



Lake Shinji hosts three types of shijimi clams: Corbicula japonica, Corbicula sandal, and Corbicula leana. Corbicula japonica is the largest and most abundant, also known as Shinjiko Shijimi.


The lake’s salinity changes with the seasons and the sun, creating a rich ecosystem that supports diverse marine life. The clams are cooked in different ways, such as steamed in sake, simmered in broth, or mixed with rice and other ingredients.


The city’s culinary rhythm follows the tide as locals enjoy various dishes featuring the clams. The most popular is miso soup with shijimi, a simple but satisfying dish that is said to cure hangovers.


Matsue’s chefs and companies are constantly innovating new recipes that showcase the humble freshwater clams, preserving a tradition that reflects the city’s culinary artistry.

(Takashi Saito)



How to get to Matsue Ohashi Bridge  

Bus stop from Matsue Station Bus route Bus stop to get off Travel time Fare
No. 2, 3, 6 stop Via Matsue Ohashi Ohashi Minami-zume About 5 minutes 160 yen
Kenmin Kaikan Mae bus stop Via Matsue Ohashi Ohashi Kita-zume About 5 minutes 160 yen


Matsue Ohashi is a bridge located in Shirakatahommachi, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, spanning Lake Shinji and Ohashi River. The bridge is about 1.1km long and is a landmark of Matsue City.

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