Matsue Suitourou Festival 2023 attracts many sightseers

A tradition and pride of Japan’s hidden jewel, Matsue

Matsue – Matsue has seen its lantern festival, Suitourou 2023, since September 23rd, attracting many a sightseer. Suitourou is one of the notable festivals in Matsue, and a total of a thousand lanterns illuminate the sites of Matsue Castle and its adjacent sights, immersing sightseers into the sea of illusion and alluring the visitors to enjoy street food stalls.



The solemn atmosphere enables each neighbouring association to demonstrate its traditional musical performance with resounding taiko drums and bamboo flutes.



Matsue Historical Museum and a garden of Lafcadio Hern’s Former Residents might be free admission during the event.



Suitourou is scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays until October 15th. 2023 is specially allowed to put on September 28th and 29th.



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Transportation Time required Distance Fee Remarks
Walking About 30 minutes About 2.4km Free From Matsue Station, cross Shin-Ohashi Bridge, go through Kaji-bashi and Kencho-mae intersection, and arrive at Matsue Castle Otemon Gate
Bus About 10 minutes About 2.1km 200 yen From Matsue Station, take the Lake Line Bus and get off at Matsue Castle “Otemae”
Taxi About 8 minutes About 2.3km About 1,000 yen The taxi fare from Matsue Station to Matsue Castle is about 1,000 yen
Private car About 10 minutes About 3.5km Parking fee only There are some paid parking lots around Matsue Castle


 How to get to Matsue Castle 


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