Historical charm of Matsue: Rifle Troops and Samurai reenactment event

Matsue – The Matsue Castle hosts a unique and captivating event that attracts tourists. The Matsue JhoTeppoutai (Matsue Castle’s Rifle Troop) and Matsue Jho Himesama Teppoutai (Matsue Castle’s Women Rifle Troop) are reenactment groups that showcase the skills and weaponry of past samurai units.



These squads include demonstrations of gun handling, individual firing, and simultaneous firing, providing visitors with an experience of the loud sounds of gunfire that were once part of samurai warfare. Additionally, there is a samurai who demonstrates sword handling and cutting straws, giving tourists a glimpse into the martial skills of the samurai.



These are inspired by the Saika Shuu, a historical samurai unit commanded by former Lord Yohiharu Horio, which was armed with matchlock rifles known as Tanegashima Rifles. The name “Saika” continues to be associated with the neighbourhood names in Matsue.


If you’re interested in experiencing this unique event, you can visit the Matsue Castle or Matsue History Museum to witness these demonstrations. They take place once a month and provide a great way to learn about the history and culture of the region while enjoying an entertaining show that brings the past to life.

(Takashi Saito)


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