Izumo made chocolate glittering

Izumo – Japanese sweet teethes have created numerous chocolates in a move that has brought outstanding chocolatiers to Izumo, known as the home of Japanese myth. The deity of chocolate, one of the Japanese gods(Yaoyorozu no Kamigami), might have let the chocolatiers in Izumo make par excellence bars of chocolate.




La choclaterie NANAIRO provides its gourmets with excellent “bean-to-bar” des chocolates. The word bean-to-bar means that chocolatiers watch from getting in cacao beans to produce their end products. The exquisite bars of chocolate by NANAIRO are so well-reputed as to fascinate many chocolate lovers.




Members of NANAIRO started making chocolate as snacks for themselves because their main business was design. Yet the chief chocolatier Aya Nishimori made the sweets with particular attention to quality so that she could retail, but many times failed to meet the standard for selling. Through trial and error experiments, she finally extracted the satisfaction flavours. In 2015 Ms Nishimori and her colleagues’ elan enabled the design company to launch its new business model.




Hardly had they made a debut as the chocolatier when the brand name, La choclaterie NANAIRO, soon became popular. Their artworks were dealt in prestigious department stores and exclusive supermarkets such as ISETAN in Tokyo, Hankyu in Osaka, and DEAN & DELUCA from New York. A prominent Canadian chocolate critic recommended the brand as “the world’s top 10 chocolates.”  The chocolatiers in Izumo have been establishing themselves as one of the creme de la creme chocolatiers of the world today.




“We would like to dispatch information about our bean-to-bar chocolates from (our place ) Izumo,” said Ms Nishimori. NANAIRO is always trying to evolve, and No one can stop it.



La choclaterie NANAIRO (English is available)

693 Sakata Hikawa Izumo, Shimane



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