Embracing Sun-kissed shore; discovering Koura Beach on Shimane Peninsula

Kashima – With the end of the rainy season and the arrival of summer, Japan’s balmy weather beckons people to head to the beaches. Hugging the Japan Sea, Shimane Prefecture boasts numerous local beaches for beachgoers to enjoy.


Among these, Koura Beach is situated in Kashima, Matsue, within the city’s suburban area, and it is notably adjacent to the Etomo Fishery Port. During the Edo period, Koura thrived as a sea salt production hub. However, with the advent of Japanese modernization, the area’s focus shifted towards fishing (fishing has declined now).


Despite the changes over time, the tradition of swimming at Koura Beach, affectionately known as “Hama,” remains steadfast, representing an integral aspect of the local community culture. Accessing Koura Beach is a breeze for those seeking a pleasant swimming spot. Travellers can conveniently reach the beach by taking a bus bound for Etomo from Matsue Station at a fare of 640 JPY for a one-way ticket. For further detailed information, feel free to inquire at the Matsue Tourist Information Centre, located at the South Gate of the station.

(Takashi Saito)




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