Discover Koura Beach, Matsue’s Hidden Gem

Kashima – With the end of the rainy season and the arrival of summer, Japan’s balmy weather beckons people to head to the beaches. Hugging the Japan Sea, Shimane Prefecture boasts numerous local beaches for beachgoers.


Among these, Koura Beach is situated in Kashima, Matsue, a suburb of the city and notably adjacent to the Etomo Fishery Port. During the Edo period, Koura thrived as a sea salt production hub. However, with the advent of Japanese modernization, the area’s focus shifted towards fishing (which has now declined). Despite these changes, the tradition of swimming at Koura Beach, affectionately known as hama, remains steadfast, representing an integral aspect of the local community culture.


In the summer, Koura Beach attracts many visitors who come to swim in the sea. From 2023 onwards, parking at the beach is to be free.


The beach opening is scheduled for July 7, 2024.


Japan’s efficient transportation system makes getting to Koura Beach convenient. For those who enjoy a scenic journey, the Sunrise Izumo sleeper train offers a luxurious 12-hour ride from Tokyo to Matsue Station, with private cabins and budget-friendly bunk beds available. The roundtrip ticket costs approximately 50,000 yen ($450). At Matsue Station, transfer to a bus for Etomo, then a 15-minute walk to the local beach.


For speed and comfort, the bullet train is an excellent choice. The trip takes about eight hours, with a transfer from Okayama Station to the local limited express Yakumo to Matsue Station. The roundtrip fare is below 40,000 yen. From Matsue Station, take a bus to Etomo and a 15-minute walk to the beach.


Alternatively, renting a car near the station offers flexibility. Matsue’s transportation options ensure that tourists have various choices to suit their preferences and budget, making the journey to Koura Beach and other beautiful places in Shimane Prefecture pleasant and accessible.



For further detailed information, feel free to inquire at the Matsue Tourist Information Centre, located at the South Gate of the station.

(Words by Takashi Saito)


How to get to Koura Beach 

From Matsue Station to Etomo by bus:

Take the Ichibata Bus to Etomo From Matsue Station.
The bus fare is approximately 640 yen.

The journey takes about 40 minutes.
Walk from the Etomo bus stop to Furuura Beach.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Etomo Bus Station to Koura Beach.



It is recommended that the bus timetable and operation be checked in advance.

More information can also be obtained at the Matsue Tourist Information Centre at the south exit of Matsue Station.



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