A Happy New Year 2023 (Leader)

Deities has been in operation for almost a year. This local English newspaper strives to disseminate information in English to entice affluent English-speaking Westerners to Shimane. Shimane boasts many tourist attractions to allure knowledgeable people in the West. CNN showcased Ichibata Yakushi Temple, and BBC also broadcasted Mihonoseki’s traditional local Shinto festival. MONOCLE featured Iwamikagura. These instances demonstrate that many splendid heritages envelop the land of gods, and we progenies should capitalise on these salient points.


Nonetheless, Shimane has not reaped the benefits from the influx of foreign tourists that Japan permitted last October for tourism purposes. The service sector of the prefectural economy has been compelled to withstand such adversities as the persistent pandemic, the Ukraine War, the economic slump, and the assassination of former prime minister Shinzo Abe. The recession triggered by the pandemic has severely impaired the local economy. The service sector employees receive their wages at most of JPY900; their annual income is no more than JPY 1.8 million. Such a paltry income can not afford to travel. In view of such a grim reality, Shimane needs to alter its strategy and target a different market segment.



Deities contends that transmitting information in English is one of the efficacious ways to accomplish this objective and endorse Japan’s central government policy. The prefecture lacked English-based media before. However, establishing this newspaper has enabled Shimane to overcome the obstacle today. Deities will play a pivotal role in accelerating the local economy.


(1st January 2023)

Takashi Saito

Shimane English Newspaper Deties



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