WOTZ2024 in Matsue City: The International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone

Matsue City is hosting the 5th International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone (WOTZ2024). This symposium is crucial for botanists and seed and plant suppliers to obtain the latest information and techniques about the flowers and trees industry. On the first day, it attracted 180 attendees, including those outside Japan.


Matsue City, known for producing peonies, was selected as the first Asian location to host the botanical symposium, following Western cities such as Prague, Ghent, Minneapolis, and Turin. April 21st was the first day of WOTZ2024, mainly featuring plenary lectures by distinguished Japanese and Italian scholars. Following that, a prominent flower artist showcased his skilful flower arrangement technique to the audience.


Two distinguished scholars ― Dr. Yuji Kurashige (Japan Association of Botanical Gardens, Japan) and Dr. Valentina Scariot (University of Turin, Italy)-lectured about botany. Kurashige spoke about ‘Japanese woody ornamentals across the sea’, and Scariot introduced ‘Japanese flowers that embellish Italian gardens: the search for new shapes and colours’.

After the lectures, Masahiko Nukaya, a Florist, demonstrated his elegant flower arrangement, attracting the audience’s attention. Then, Akihiko Uesada, the mayor of Matsue City, introduced the relationship between Matsue City and peony production.

WOTZ2024 is scheduled to continue until April 26th(the final day is to be an excursion). It will consist of several sessions by scholars from at least ten countries and technical activities. Shimane University cosponsors the Event.


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