Show the flag! Matsue stands with Ukraine

Matsue – Matsue castle is illuminated by the color of Ukraine. Ukraine’s national flag color consists of blue used as the upper part and yellow as the lower part. The purpose of lighting up is to support the country. Ukraine has been invaded its territory by Russia in the last month, and fierce street battles are still taking place.


Matsue city has planned the project to support Ukrainians and pray for peace. The city lights up the castle from sunset to 10:00 pm every day until the end of March.


The illumination consists of two colors; one is blue and the other is yellow. Blue stands for the sky, and yellow stands for wheat, a Ukraine’s major product and export good.


Ukraine has been under attack by Russian troops since Feb 24. The country has been asking asks Japan to support the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is going to speak in the Japanese Diet on Mar 23.


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