San’in Tourism Boost: Enthusiastic Students Present Unique Business Plans

Matsue – The business plan presentation on travel took place at Shimane University on February 15th. Seventeen presenters shared their plans to bolster the San’in tourism industry. Meanwhile, the audience, comprising about 30 people from local municipal governments, private companies, and students from the university, listened attentively to these proposals.


Lin Nei, originally from Dalian, China, and currently residing in Yonago City, expressed her ambition to introduce the enchanting attractions of San’in to Chinese-speaking travellers, including those from Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan. Lin said, ‘I hope they will enjoy experiencing a culture different from their own’. She explained her goal to acquire a license to cater to her target audience in the near future.


Sora Wadatani, who lives in Gotsu City, presented her tourism strategy as an alpha blogger and interpreter for Taiwanese travellers. Her plan eagerly aimed to disseminate information about the Iwami region, often referred to as the western part of Shimane and comparatively less known than the eastern Izumo region, by capitalising on its abundant natural resources and her proficiency in Chinese.


The San’in Tourism Enhancement School organised these business presentations, a joint effort between Shimane University and the San’in Tourism Organization, to accelerate San’in’s tourism strategy.

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