Matsue Suigo-Sai Fireworks Festival scheduled on August 3rd and 4th

Mark the dates for the exciting Suigo-Sai Fireworks Festival, which will light up the night skies on 3rd and 4th August. Known as the best fireworks show in Western Japan, Suigo-Sai is an annual event representing the essence of summer in Matsue. Suigo means water city, and Sai means a lively festival in Japanese, making this event a true celebration.


Get ready to be amazed as 21,000 fireworks illuminate the skies over Matsue over two nights, with 10,000 fireworks on the first and 11,000 on the second night. The unique lowering of the banners, which can only be done at this large venue, creates a beautiful sight on the dark lake surface. Enjoy continuous diagonal launches, a series of skyrocket fireworks called star mine, and simultaneous launches of shaku dama (a kind of large spherical firework) from four boats.


You can watch this stunning show from various spots around Lake Shinji. For a more comfortable experience, you can buy seats that allow you to relax while watching the fantastic fireworks display.


Charming roadside stalls will be set up around the event area, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. These stalls will offer a variety of delicious foods and interesting souvenirs. Enjoy the beautiful smells and lively environment as you explore these stalls, making unforgettable memories during this special summer event.


Come to Suigo-Sai and be part of a truly magical experience celebrating the summer spirit in Matsue. We hope to see you there!



For more inquiries, you can ask the Matsue Tourist Association.


How to Get from Matsue Station to the Area Around Lake Shinji

  1. By Bus:
    • Route: Take the bus heading towards Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen from Matsue Station.
    • Frequency: Buses run frequently throughout the day.
    • Duration: The bus ride takes about 10-15 minutes.
    • Stop: Get off at the “Shinji-ko Onsen” stop. This stop is close to the lake and the surrounding attractions.


  1. By Taxi:
    • Availability: Taxis are readily available at the taxi stand outside Matsue Station.
    • Duration: The taxi ride takes around 10 minutes.
    • Cost: It will cost approximately 1,000-1,500 yen, depending on traffic.


  1. By Walking:
    • Route: Walk west from Matsue Station along the main road.
    • Duration: It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach Lake Shinji.
    • Scenic Route: Enjoy a pleasant walk with views of local shops and sights.


  1. By Bicycle:
    • Rental: Bicycle rentals are available near Matsue Station.
    • Duration: Cycling takes about 15 minutes.
    • Route: Follow the main road westwards, and bike paths lead to the lake area.


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