Hamako wins victory at Koshien

Koshien Ballpark / Hamada – Hamada High School has returned to the Koshien Stadium, winning a victory in the first game, scoring 5-3. The school joined for the first time the baseball tournament in 18 years, beating Ariake Kogyo High School, reprehensive as Oita prefecture.


Hamada high School, abbreviation Hamako, is a veteran baseball club in the world of the Japanese High School Baseball Tournament, called Koshien,  not only in Shimane but also all over Japan.


Hamako developed its small baseball tactic to make plays that stick to the basics, in a move that finally brought the winning. The team pursues to win the next game in the third round.


Although the team members had suffered from the abrupt outbreaking of the Coronavirus before its first game, the players overcame such a severe condition with the help of all concerned parties in the baseball tournament, managing to join the match on the 13th of August.


The alums of Hamako and many Shimane residents are looking forward to cheering for the next game!

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