Shimane to may adapt quasi emergency on entre municipalities

Matsue – Shimane prefecture has decided to request the central government to perform a quasi-emergency on and after the 25th on account of increasing the Omicron positives. The prefecture is so surfing from its surge of Omicron as to may expand whole municipalities in Shimane, although the prefecture had planned to adapt the emergency only Masuda, Hamada, Gotsu, Onan, and Izumo. As requested by Shimane, the central government is going to declare its quasi emergency on Shimane from the 25th.


The surging of the Omicron positives prevents Shimane’s public health centers from doing their duties. Regarding a restraint industry, it is unclear whether the prefectural office imposes a restriction on the industry or not, but “we have to consider to request the restraints to limit its operation hours depending on the situation,” said Governor Tatsuya Maruyama.


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