“Do Gyo Retsu” Parade captivates sightseers

Matsue – On October 15th, Matsue celebrated its cultural heritage with the “Do Gyo Retsu” grand drum parade. This annual festival, dating back to the Taisho Period, is a symbol of Matsue’s charm. There were 14 parade teams, each representing nearby groups around Matsue Castle. The event showcased skill and tradition, leaving a strong impression on all who saw it.


In a heartwarming display of community spirit, the parade’s smallest contingent, Ishibashi Ni-chrome, managed to fill Matsue’s main street with the resounding beat of traditional drums, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of students from Johoku Elementary School.



Kita Tonomach injected an international flavour into the festivities, serenading foreign visitors with a rendition of the iconic “We Will Rock You” by the legendary UK rock band “Queen,” complemented by the pulsating rhythm of their taiko drums. The performance elicited applause and spirited hand-clapping from the enthralled audience.




As one American observer, Ms. Leah Thomas, who resides in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, said, “Do Gyo Retsu has a unique ability to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.”


A visitor from France, Ms. Lea, said, “Very impressive.”


Mr. Zachary Langstroth, an ALT for a high school in the city, practising for two weeks to tow a festival car equipped with taiko drums, enjoyed the festival.


Mark your calendars for the forthcoming “Do Gyo Retsu” on October 20th, 2024, as Matsue celebrates its rich cultural heritage with boundless enthusiasm and a resounding beat.

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