Tamatsukuri Onsen hosts marche market

Tamatsukuri Onsen – On March 17th, a marche market took place in Tamatsukuri Onsen, a part of Matsue City and a renowned spa town in western Japan. This spa town is also famous for consuming Japanese herbs such as mugwort, orange peels, loquats, pines, camellias, and fennels. Many visitors flocked to Yuyu, the landmark public bathhouse in Tamatsukuri Onsen.

The market featured herb-made ice creams, sweets, tea, and soft drinks, while the bathhouse provided herbal waters known for their health benefits since ancient Japanese mythology. Visitors were particularly interested in an herbal tea invented by Shimane University, with a seminar conducted by a doctor from the university discussing the efficacy of the herbs.

Tamatsukuri Onsen is renowned for its skin-enhancing properties, and customers highly regard several cosmetics made from its onsen waters. A professional research company revealed that the elements in the onsen water resemble those found in high-quality skin lotion, leading to the onsen being awarded the first skin enhancement prize five times.


‘We hope you will enjoy our cosmetics at home and actually come to Tamatsukuri Onsen, ‘ said Chika Fujita, a manager at Tamatsuuri Onsen cosmetic maker Hime Labo.


According to the local historical book Izumo Fudoki, Tamatsukuri Onsen’s hot spring source was discovered over 1300 years ago, making it Japan’s oldest recorded hot spring. The ancient text describes Tamatsukuri Onsen as having the ability to rejuvenate skin from the first soak and cure diseases by the second, earning it the title of the hot springs of the gods.



Tamatsukuri is located two hours by air from Tokyo(Haneda), eight hours by bullet train and local railway, and 12 hours by night sleeper train (Sun Rise Izumo).


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