Prominent Shimane’s Banker published autobiography

Sanin Godo Bank, called Gogin is one of the excellent Japanese regional banks and is well-reputed in the San’in area including Shimane. Many Shimane people have Gogin bank account. The writer is also a resident of Matsue and has his bank account at the bank. Although the writer has never met with the author, the book is interesting and inspired the writer to write an article on the life of a banker in Shimane and his contribution to our hometown. The banker is Makoto Furuse, the author of the book on the caption and titled Regional Banker( Japanese), and published his autobiography. His exciting book teaches us the history of Mr.Furuse’s life and career as well as the history of Gogin and Shimane. More, the writer’s classmates at his university work or worked for the bank. As a result, the author is interested in this book on Gogin.




Mr.Furuse was the president of Gogin, deserved from 2007 to 2011. This Keio alumnus entered Sanin Godo Bank. His career started as a teller engaged in interest calculation at Matsue Kita branch, which is now called Gogin Karakoro Hiroba in Tonomach. He also competed with Hiroshima Bank for financing at the Matsue Eki-Mae branch as a liaison. One of his significant achievements was to help Fukushima Ship Building, which had a shipyard in Otesenba. The shipbuilding company dealt with the Soviet Union, but the company felt difficulty to do business with the communist country that had a different custom of trade from Japan. The liaison dedicated himself to working for the company. Another big project was to reconstruct Sanin Chuo Shinpo(newspaper). The newspaper company was suspicious about a fraud account, and the banker found out that the newspaper company did an actual fraud scheme. With the help of Mr.Furuse, the executive board in the newspaper company was reformed, then it accomplished reconstruction.




In 1990 Mr.Furse was engaged in dealing with the merger with Fuso Bank which had its head office in Tottori city but had branches in the San’in area while working for the Shima Dai Mae branch with his regular tasks as usual. Thanks to his effort, Gogin and Fuso Bank successfully merged on April 1st,1991.


The rightest building is the headquarters of Gogin, the highest building in Matsue.



In 1994 Mr.Furuse was responsible for reusing PINO Building as the manager of the Eki-Mae branch. The Shopping center PINO, located in front of the Matsue station, would be closed down. Pino consisted of Jusco, which occupied most of the cored retail shops in the building, and other twenties local shops. Meanwhile, Pino’s rival shop Saty, which was operated by Mycal and now is operated by Aeon retail, was built near Pino. Most customers flew into the new shopping center: Saty. The sales rate of Pino had declined entirely to a large extent, and eventually, Jusco expressed its closing down. This decision caused the building to be abandoned. The location in the station’s front has been the first-grade place; the ex-Pino Building needed reusing. Therefore, The manager Furuse negotiated with  Ichibata Department to use the building and finally successfully relocated the department store from Tonomach to the front of the Matsue station. The branch manager had successfully solved the situation that the front part of the Matsue station would be an abandoned building.



In 2007 he had promoted as the president of Gogin and retired from his position later. After retiring from Gogin, he became a chair of the Sanin-India association following a president of the Matsue Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



His effort tells us the importance of contributing to our local neighborhood and prodding of our place: Shimane.  The writer offers this article to the great figure in Shimane.

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