Kami visit Sada Shrine in Kamiari Month

The venerable Shinto Shrine ‘Sada Shrine’ in the Izumo Province welcomes many gods as well as human visitors in late November


Kashima – The Oimi-san Festival takes place ( 21 to 25 Oct ) in Sada Shrine, which is mainly dedicated to Sarutahiko, a kami known as a revered guide, by Japan’s holy scripture, the Kojiki. Sada Shrine plays a significant role during the Kamiari tsuki, the month of existence of the deities according to the lunar calendar (except in Izumo areas, known as the Kanna tsuki, no presence of the gods).


Legend has it that during the month, numerous deities from Japan gather at the Izumo Grand Shrine to attend The Gods’ Summit. The conferences primarily focus on discussing marriage partners for locals. Concerning the event,  these kami stay at Sada Shrine to rejuvenate after their long journey. So, entering the precincts is prohibited to ensure a tranquil sanctuary by sacred straw festoons, known as shimenawa.


Meanwhile, the locals — old and young- men and women ー look forward to the festival. Many secular local children with their parents and groups of students are aware of being ujiko (parishioners) thanks to the festival. A must-try for visitors is zenzai, a sweet azuki bean soup with rice cake.


The name oimi-san signifies refraining from making noise and singing songs out of respect for the kami. The festival begins with the arrival of the divine sea snake, ryujin-sama. This snake is said to be cast ashore in Koura, Etomo, and Kitaura fishing hamlets. Ryujin-sama is believed to guide the deities to Sada Shrine as the manifestation of the god Sarutahiko.



Sada Shrine is located in Kashima Town, a suburban area in Matsue City.  The shrine is known as the second most prestigious shrine in the Izumo province and additionally enshrines the other eleven deities, such as Izanagi and Izamami, the founder of the Japanese Archipelago.


How to get to Sada Shrine 

You can ask how to get to Sada Shrine at tourist information adjacent to JR Matsue Station.


By rent car (recommend)

A 15-minute drive takes you to the shrine from JR Matsue Station

A 35-minute drive takes you to the shrine from Izumo AP

A 10-minute drive takes you from Matsue Onsen Station of Ichibata Train to the Shrine



By bus( requested the Japanese language)

Ichibata Bus takes you to the shrine from JR Matsue Bus Terminal, which takes 25 minutes


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